The Eminence Of Medical Lamps

Posted by Admin on July, 03, 2019

The term medical lamp refers to the Infrared medical lamps that are used for different applications. Let’s dig a little about Infrared rays. These rays have a lower frequency other than red rays. Infrared devices were used during WW2 and facilitated sharpshooters to perceive their targets in total darkness. Infrared can be seen if bared to compressed air.

Coming back to the medical lamps, these medical lamps use a low amount of energy, have a capability to heat speedily, and are low in cost. There are two types of infrared heat-lights, gas-fueled and electric powered. Gasfueled infrared medical lamps are typically used in commercial warehouses. They are relatively heat intensive and must be placed at least ten feet away from the source to be heated. Doctors use medical lamps to cure skin diseases and alleviate the pain of sore muscles. In these treatments, the infrared rays pass through the patient’s skin producing heat.

Electric infrared medical lamps are most often found in the home. They used to be more common, but with the advent of new types of bulbs that dispersed various levels of heat and colors, consumers have a broader collection to choose from and it is rare to see the infrared bulbs in use. The infrared bulbs are most commonly seen in heat lamps in some bathrooms.

Usually, twenty to thirty minutes is recommended as the maximum exposure for most body applications of medical lamps. While the distance should be adjusted as per the individual’s comfort, though, the lamp should never be positioned closer than 18-inches to the source. The prolonged usage and high temperatures may cause burns from infrared lamps, so it is advisable not to use these medical lamps near an infant, or asleep or unconscious individual and also not recommended for the people with delicate skin or poor blood circulation. The exposed person should not come directly in contact with the lamp and a protective screen should always be positioned between the lamp and the user. Because of the luminous heat in the beam of these lamps, it should not be used close to flammable materials or materials adversely disturbed by drying action.

The effects of medical lamps on individuals are generally only of a merely thermal nature–in the sense that they warm you! The prospective hazards of infrared medical lamps can be mainly to your skin and eyes. Because of the penetrating and radiant heat emitted, skin can burn rather quickly. So it is advisable to use these medical lamps under professional vigilance. Though, people with limited exposure do not demand extra precautions. For instance, some medical practitioners use medical lamps for their incubators and do not require any special protective measures. It is highly suggested to approach the reliable medical lamp suppliers to procure the authentic grade products.

Thus, it is an established fact that medical lamps are of great benefit if used under professional vigilance and with proper precautions.

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