Different Uses Of UV Tubes You Need To Know About

Posted by Admin on February, 24, 2020

The ultraviolet (UV) light is very useful and has many applications in the industrial, commercial and healthcare sectors. Ultraviolet (UV) light is a type of electromagnetic radiation and its wavelength is close to that of X-rays and light. Nowadays UV tubes are becoming more available in the market. These tubes can be used to provide brilliant lighting in homes and offices. These lights are used to decorate nightclubs. These tubes have higher energy compared to the other tubes and so, they are more useful. Here are some of the uses of UV tubes.

• Used For Tanning And Skin Treatment:
The UV light is very useful for removing tan and skin treatment. Therefore, UV tubes are used to lessen the impact of sunlight on the skin. The rays of the sun are not uniform, resulting in sunburn at times. People also get the tan after exposure to the sun for a longer period. The UV tubes and lamps are used in various salons for tanning treatment. As UV tubes do not contain any UVB beams that might affect your DNA, these tubes are safer. These tubes can be used to treat smallpox lesions, vitiligo, and psoriasis. They can also be used to prevent the growth of certain types of skin cancer.

• Used For Identifying and Inspecting Things:
UV tubes and lamps can be used to inspect various surfaces and materials. When materials are exposed to UV lights, they react in different ways. Some substances absorb the energy of the UV light and transform it into visible light. This is called fluorescence. This makes UV tubes glow in dark. The UV beams of the UV tubes emit a black light, which is useful in many ways such as inspecting splits, breaks and other defects. One can view certain things using UV tubes that are not visible to the naked eye. Thus, these tubes are also used as analytic tools. These tubes are used by the detectives and other organizations for inspection of forged banknotes, other documents, etc.

• Used For disinfection and germ control:
The UV light can kill or inactivate the small organisms in the water. So, UV tubes are used for disinfecting drinking water. This process of disinfection is absolutely chemical-free and can effectively kill bacteria present in water. The UV light destroys the reproduction capacity of bacteria. So, UV tubes are widely used in water treatment facilities. This method of water treatment is a lot more efficient than boiling water. The UV tubes can also remove chlorine and chloramine from water. Another use of the UV tubes is that they are used in killing germs that are found in utensils, equipment, worktops, etc. This technique of germ control is utilized in commercial businesses as well. UV tubes help to prevent food poisoning or cross-contamination. The UV tubes can also be used to increase the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

• Used For Bug Eradication And Air Cleaning:
The growth of mold inside the house can affect the indoor air quality. UV tubes can be used to kill mold, germs, mildew, viruses, and bacteria that float in the air thereby improving air quality. UV tubes are also used for killing bugs in the house as well.

With these useful applications, UV tubes are in demand these days. For purchasing UV tubes of premium quality, you need to look out for a reliable UV tubes supplier in the market.

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