Advantages Of Using Mercury Vapour Lamps

Posted by Admin on April, 05, 2019

Mercury vapor lamps are quite commonly used these days in different forms. These lamps came up in the market of the U.S. and gained widespread success in the year of 1901, invented by Peter Cooper Hewitt. It is basically a lamp which discharges gas and makes use of either short or long arc of electricity which passes through the vaporized mercury leading to the production of light. The discharges are kept within a small arc time which has fused quartz. This tube is kept mounted in another borosilicate bulb made it off the glass. The outer side of the building is either clear or coated with phosphor.

Benefits of using these lamps:

The bulb is coated with a phosphor which it leads to a provision of thermal insulation, protection against the harmful UV rays which is produced by the light. It also helps in providing a convenient mount for the Arc time made up of fused quartz. These lamps are comparatively more effective and efficient than the incandescent and fluorescent lights. Apart from its efficiency in terms of its energy use, these short arc mercury lamps own long lifetime. They provide a clear white light which owns high intensity.

Due to this wide range of advantages, these bulbs are used widely used in the areas where overhead lighting is required in a large area. These Mercury lamps produce fine white light with a tinge of bluish-green tint. This time is formed for the combination of the lines of the spectrum of mercury. For the growing demand for these lights in sectors like factories, many HBO short arc mercury Osram lamp suppliers have come up. However, these bulbs are not used in retail stores as they do not create a flattering image to our skin color.

These short arc mercury Osram lamps have the capacity of operating in an area owning internal pressure ranging from sleeping 1atm. They require special fixtures and electrical ballast from smooth and undisturbed service. The average time required by these bulbs to get warmed up ranges between few to several minutes. Once it gets heated up completely, it provides the clearest white light.

Another feature of these bulbs is that they own a higher efficiency and maintain a proper colour balance. It is recommended that before you purchase these bulbs from an Hbo short arc mercury Osram lamp supplier, check all the necessary certifications and standards carefully. It is because checking the standards will help you to get good quality Mercury bulbs which would provide you long-lasting service.

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