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Ultraviolet Medical Lamp

The company is named amidst the famous Ultraviolet Medical Lamp Importers and Suppliers from India. The Ultraviolet Medical Lamp (TL-52 Baby Incubator Ultraviolet Medical Lamp) is tubular or compact single ended low pressure mercury vapor fluorescent lamp. The Ultraviolet Medical Lamp is used for medical treatment of jaundice in new-born babies TL-52.

  • Emits radiation for therapeutic and other applications
  • Medical treatment of Jaundice in new-born babies
  • Compact, single-ended lamps have the same lamp caps and can operate on the some universal ballasts as
  • Compact, single-ended lamps for general lighting
  • Tubular lamps can be operated in normal switch-start as well as pm-heat rapid-start systems
  • We can offer you Philips, Narva, & Osram make