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Philips Sunbed Replacement Tubes

We offer Philips Sunbed Replacement Tubes. Philips sunbed replacement tubes - the philips cleo hpa 40030 s cosmedico n400 r7s (104mm) with a r7s cap. This lamp has a 800 hour life and is rated at 400w watt. Your sunbed tube may have one of the following printed on it: philips; philips isolde cleo hpa 40030 s l - 913138841. The lamp is classified as a uv product. The cleo by isolde high pressure range comprises lamps of high output and first class performance. The gold coating on either end guarantees ideal operating temperature within very short period. Ideal for professional facial boosters and for halffull body hpa units. In all cases a filter is needed to remove excess uv-b and sometimes uv-a. It is an intense 400w lamp which can be used in domestic equipment (in conjunction with a special filter; available separately). For full specifications please see the 'additional information' tab above.


HPA 400W HPA 400/30S

Additional Information

Product Code HPA 400WS/30S ISOLDE