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NDT Spare Lamp Sylvania 100w/r

We are engaged in offering high quality NDT Spare Lamp Sylvania 100w/r of Philips & Osram make. Mercury PAR Lamps, offered by us, present high efficiency source of Actinic Radiation, and satisfies a number of special applications, which take advantage of their strong-ultraviolet output. These Mercury PAR Lamps are especially popular when used with a Wood's Glass filter for Blacklight effects. The distinctive Blue-Green colour of Unfiltered Lamps is well suited to the Floodlighting of Trees & shrubs, as well as countless special scientific and reprographic applications.

Applications of NDT Spare Lamp Sylvania 100w/r

  • Blacklight effect in entertainment lighting, when used with Wood's Glass filter
  • Detection of cracks and other defects in metal and glass surfaces
  • Photo Exposure Lamp in Reprographic applications
  • Medical Examination, especially in Dermatology
  • Exterior Floodlighting of trees & bushes
  • Stimulation of Photo-Chemical reactions
  • Detection of Forgeries & Fluorescent Ink etc.

SYLVANIA H44GS-100W MDSK/SP Black UV Par Lamps 100 Watt (220/230V) are used in many other industrial applications. It emits 4200 to 4000 uW/cm2 UV intensity through proper UV-A Filter. These are used in Magnaflux equipment.