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Halogen XIR Lamp

The company is a well-reckoned Halogen XIR Lamp Importer and Supplier, based in India. The Halogen XIR Lamp is a tungsten halogen lamp with Xenon filling gas and IR -Coating for surgical lightning. Halogen XIR Lamp (Xenon Infrared) provides up to 30% more light and greater efficiency than standard halogen lamps. Infrared coating improves heat recovery and provides higher luminous efficacy, lower energy consumption and longer life.

  • 22.8V-40W, 64291 XIR
  • 22,8V-80W 64668 XIR
  • 22.8V-150W, 64292 XIR

  • Maintenance free
  • Berchtold surgical light replacement lamps
  • Solid nickel pins and metal base improve durability to prevent breakage during installation