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Ultra Violet Lamps

We are prominent Ultra Violet Lamps Importer and Supplier in Maharashtra. These UV Fluorescent Lighting Lamps from Philips and Osram are highly powerful and provide bright light with consumption of minimal electricity. Our UV Ultra Violet Lamps are made from best materials, which ensure long life and unmatched functioning. The lighting capacity and unique design of these Ultra Violet Lamps make them highly demanded and preferred in the market.

  • Provide bright light
  • Minimal consumption of electricity
  • Different models to suit different needs of clients
  • Long life

Models Available
  • TUV T5 Disinfection Lamps
  • TL 05 Vapor discharge lamps
  • TL 08 Mercury vapor discharge lamp

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Philips Ultra Violet Lamps

Philips TUV TL-D lamps contain a unique pre-coat that ensures that the UV output is constant over the complete lifetime of the lamp and never drops beneath 85% of its initial output.The air we breathe in at the office is often anything but clean. It is frequently re-circulated along with bacteria, viruses, pollen and toxic


Actinic Colour/05 Fluorescent Lamp
Genuine Electricals is a trusted Supplier of Actinic Colour/05 Fluorescent Lamps that are developed as per latest technology and have an internal tube, which is coated with white florescent powder, which produce short wave UV radiation between 300 and 460 nm with a maximum at 365 nm. Our Actinic Colour/05 Fluorescent Lamps are highly useful

Blacklight Blue Fluorescent Lamp
We are a leading supplier of world class Blacklight Blue Florescent Lamps that are procured from major international brands like Philips, Osram. Our Black Light Blue Lamps are designed as per advanced technology and are coated with florescent powder. The long wave UV radiation emitted by Blacklight Blue Florescent Lamps is completely safe

Disinfection (T5) Fluorescent Lamp
We are reputed as one of the prime stockist of Disinfection (T5) Fluorescent Lamps, which are low pressure mercury vapor lamps having a tubular glass envelope. The Disinfection (T5) Fluorescent Lamp provided by us emits short wave UV radiation for germicidal action. Our Disinfection (T5) Fluorescent Lamps are fitted with a protective